it’s been nearly two months since we’ve moved to the ‘burbs.

life is busy. life is full. but we have found time to decorate and settle in. and by settle in, i mean completely obsess over our dishwasher.

i know many of you have been anxious to check out our new pad. yoshi, you can stop asking for photos now. 🙂  it’s not much but it’s our home.  and can i just say, praise God that all our furniture fit into this place and that it works! we’re quite happy with it but honestly, when the movers finished unloading their truck and van, we weren’t quite sure what we got ourselves into.

without further adieu here’s some photos!

the living room




kyle recently finished the photos. we love it!


unfortunately i’ve lost the photos of the bedroom and bathroom but eh, who wants to see that anyways?! the downstairs is just the entry and garage. yup, kyle gets an entire shop area to work on his VW bug, make stuff, and store stuff. he’s died and gone to heaven.

like with anything, it’s take a little bit of time to figure out our new living space and adjust as necessary. and we are trying to make this our new home. albeit, we’re hardly ever here but when we are it’s quite homey and welcoming!

welcome to the ostlie’s home!