i know, i know. we don’t have a 12×7 foot plot of land with hundreds of pounds of dirt and compost and fertilizer. we most certainly are not surrounded by other like minded individuals who have a passion for gardening or at least the courage to see if something will survive under our watch.  we don’t have the chance to chit-chat with our fellow gardeners under the sun. or scream at the infestation of spiders in our massive tomato plants.

but what we do have is an roomy balcony,  a handful of pots, awesome starts from seattle tilthe, and the excitement, dedication and passion that we had last year when we first broke ground. just this time around, we won’t need the huge shovels and rakes.

getting everything prepped.

getting the plants and herbs potted.

now we wait.  we’re not sure how this will turn out.  we’re a little nervous since we haven’t done this before. but then again, we remind ourselves that is what we said last year. and we ended up with this….

granted i think our balcony would collapse if we did have this outcome. but at least we’d have an abundance of kale, tomatos and lettuce!