as you have probably seen or heard in the last year, food trucks have been the new craze. out are cupcakes. in are food trucks. don’t worry though, there will always be a place in my heart for cupcakes.

a while back, kyle and i watched a show on the best food trucks in the usa.  marination nation in seattle was one of the featured food trucks.  i had to look them up and see if there was any way to access them since 5 out of 6 days i’m in federal way and no where near where they serve up…seattle.

marination nation in fremont

in case you’re completely unfamiliar with the concept… imagine, amazing local food served up at the same location on specific days of the week. they hit up different parts of a business district, international district, outskirts of the city, etc. but you know that on a specific day of the week, they’ll be in the same spot…always.

every food truck serves up something different. but the thing that drew me to marination nation is that one of the founders is from hawaii and has put her own local spin on things. seeing as i’m from the islands, the menu and the reviews said it all. i HAD to taste it.

fortunately for me, i was in seattle this past week and was able to sample some of their delicious items. and they even had spam musubi! are you kidding me?! i was in heaven.

shredded port and miso ginger chicken

i loved so many things about this entire experience. i love seeing tons of folks enjoying local food.  i loved the staff, they were so friendly! i loved that the lady in front of me, a haole, ordered 3 spam musubis and tried to be really discreet about it.  i loved  that their location was in fremont.  there was adequate street parking which meant that tons of folks parked their cars, got their food, got back in their cars and ate. i joined the rite of passage and sat in my car, checking my email, while not trying to spill anything on me before a doctor’s appointment. i love that my car smells like miso ginger chicken and rooster sauce. i loved seeing folks being pressured to eat their food faster as other cars waiting anxiously with their blinkers on for that parking spot to open up.  if only the cooks at marination nation could see that….they too would love it.

my next food truck destination is portland. apparently in the summer, they have a huge food truck park where there’s a variety of options to choose from….all in the same location. no need to add these food trucks to your twitter account and memorize their curb side schedule. also, portland’s food truck community is up there with new york’s.  i’ve stumbled upon the Food Carts Portland that is the hub for all things food trucks and food carts.  you can even search for cuisines ranging from german to hawaiian to lebanese!

if you have any recommendations for food trucks to try in a city near you, we’d love to hear it! in the meantime, i’ll be living off twitter and to track where these hidden gems are parked. i hope to see you at one of these soon.