my fondness for hot yoga continues. since moving to the east-side, i’ve joined a local studio a mere 20 minutes away. and yes, that is the closest studio to me.  it’s been my saving grace to be able to practice  there 3-4 times a week.

since leaving seattle, i did a lot of research on studios in my new “neighborhood.”  one of the things that i found to be really educational was the different types of hot yoga out there, as well as people’s preferences on studio floors. yup, i did write “floors”.  some hot yoga studios have carpet floors where sessions are held while others have hard wood floors.  the former has the tendency to breed bacteria since the heat and sweat just soak into the carpet.  duly noted.

the latter tip was also one of the reasons i joined bikram yoga of redmond.  they had gone through a renovation as well as had wood floors, spacious locker rooms and everything was clean.  the reviews were awesome and so i did a two week test run.  as they say, the rest is history!

along with becoming a hot yoga junkie is the other blatant fact that i’m now addicted to lululemon.  i had promised myself in december that unless i really got into it, i would resign myself to my running clothes and a beach towel. no more! i can now admit, i am the proud owner of a few manduka towels. you know, the ones that have the little rubber knobbies on them so you don’t go sliding all over the studio when you set into triangle-pose? kyle was also supportive in a min shopping-spree.  gosh, i love that man 🙂

but shopping and floor chat aside, my body continues to respond well to hot yoga. i’ve slowly been able to do more and more in classes as well as with the postures.  the other really cool thing that i heard a few weeks ago from one of the yogis was, ‘yoga is something you will never perfect.’ based on your day, your mood, your willingness to push forward, your balance, it all constantly changes.  so you may have an awesome session one day and the next you can barely balanace let alone go deep into a pose.  but the ability to be humble and still persevere through it is something to aspsire to on a daily basis.  and honestly, it’s the only “sport” that i’ve done that emphasizes humility.  everything else i’ve done or have been involved with has been so competitive where to be the best is the only thing to aspire to. that is no longer the case. i am officially a hot yoga junkie.