i’ve been obsessed with the cake boss. ever since our trip to leavenworth last month, i’ve been hooked.  we even became members of netflix so i could rent the seasons. i know what you’re thinking.  don’t worry, kyle reminds me every day.

nonetheless, i’ve been determined to try to make a cake.  from scratch. adios duncan hines and pillbury. hello cookbooks and aprons. besides, who needs a birthday or milestone to eat cake?  the first attempt was with flying apron’s mexican chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache frosting. all gluten-free, wheat-free and vegan. i had my ingredients and i went to town!  seriously, how hard could this be?

let me share an insider secret-it’s only as hard as you make it. and since i have a tendency to never read recipes all the way through, i missed the part that i needed three cake pans. yes, three. and yes, i like to make things complicated.  i assume many of you are like myself and have a slew of cake pans. various sizes and shapes for whatever a one layerd cake is supposed to look like. but honestly, who has more than one cake pan, more or less three of the same size cake pans?!  too bad, my ability to catch errors are where my hands are full of batter, holding a large glass bowl and am in dire need of assistance.

enter knight in shining armor to help…eh, my husband in his basketball shorts and his tshirt will suffice. so instead of a 3 layered cake, i made over 48 cupcakes. forty-eight. f-o-r-t-y-e-i-g-h-t. cupcakes. thank goodness for friends who love sweets and vegan friends who like vegan baked goods….oh yeah, and my awesome coworkers who share the same food intolerances as i.

half of the batch...

but i was not to be deterred. i wanted to bake a cake. and no one stands in the way of a baker and her ingredients…oh yeah and her re-runs of cakeboss. the following week, armed with my 3 same-sized cake pans, i decided to bake a layered coconut cake. i decided to keep it to two layers and see what would happen. lo-and-behold, it turned out!  albeit, it was gigantic… that’s an understatement. it was massive. we gave half of it to some friends, who from what i hear are still eating it. the other quarter went to kyle’s school and the last quarter came to work. only rave reviews and most folks had no idea it was gluten-free, wheat-free or vegan.

coconut cake

however, unless i plan on starting my own bakery or someone has a request for some vegan, gluten free treats, i’m sticking with cupcakes. it’s more intimidating to grab a slice of cake than to grab a cupcake. besides, who can resist a babycake, even if it is vegan? i bet your sweettooth wouldn’t be able to say no..or tell the difference.