a few years ago, my PT suggested i try spinning as an alternative to running. she said it will kick your butt but it will be awesome cross training for you. i jumped right in and fell in love with it immediately.  unfortunately the 6 day a week regiment wasn’t appreciated by my neck and back as it was by my gams. for the last year or so, i haven’t gone to a spin class and i’ve been devastated. my cleats have been in it’s box with the rest of my gear. and our recent move hasn’t helped matters either, at least until recently.

however, my addiction to spin had spurred a new idea. bike and trainer=morning spin sessions. i’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new bike for a while. like for 3 years, a while. i know what you’re thinking. it’s a bike. it can’t be that complicated. but it was. i was on the fence between a road bike or a hybrid. the former being multi-functional for future tri races. the latter a friend for my neck and back. i would walk into bike shops and look, jump on, jump off, stroke, pet, stare at my favorite bikes. imagining what it felt like to have the wind in my face and bug guts on my sunglasses. but i couldn’t pull myself to invest in something, that in less than a year i’d have to sell to get racing bike. or in that same time frame, i’d have to buy another bike. oy! the decisions made me indecisive. so much so, that i hadn’t had any progress to show for my research and patience. besides, i had a great mountain bike kyle got off craigslist for $80 18 months ago.  but still, i was craving something a bit more cooler, sleeker and faster. enter rei’s bike sale. 15% off all bikes. you don’t have to convince me. you had me at sale.

so a few weeks ago, we got me a bike. a cannondale synapse to be exact. it was love at first sight.

my new bike!

we’ve also found some great trails in sammamish and redmond (bike capital in washington, or so they say) that we’ve taking a liking to. for a longer ride, these trails connect to the burke gilman in seattle. and since i’m cross training with swimming and biking in addition to running, it only made sense to invest in a bike that i could get used to for training and racing. kyle also made a great a point. the last time we were on a ride, i was so competitive with the other bikers and yelling at the families to move (don’t ask, it’s a long story), that a road bike was the only option. he was right!

the set up for my early morning sessions.

and for those 5am workouts that i have so dearly missed in the last 10 months….well, they’re back. maybe this time around, i’ll lay off the 6 days straight of biking and opt for a more mixed approach. so far this has seemed to work out well!

see you on the trails!