Thanks to all who helped share and support my earlier blog post about FTD Flowers and their massive snafu with a flower order. It was great to know that I wasn’t completely out of my mind, blowing it out of proportion, or being overly dramatic. Thank you for sharing, liking, tweeting, RT, and commenting…it means more than you think…not just to me, my friend and her family, but also to those who receive the same treatment and lack of customer service but don’t know what to do next.

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As of Friday afternoon, FTD has called and emailed me with an update and confirmation that the order was delivered. Reimbursement as well as additional free bouquet along with reassurance that multiple people will be getting trained was shared.

In addition to the regular customer service training, or should I say, re-training, I also suggested that they re-train their social media for their lack of timely responses and poor engagement and follow through. Their manager agreed and reassured me that the recommendation would also be taken into consideration. Despite their apology, it was interesting to hear the reason for them missing in action on social media channels. It was because they had no updates to communicate with me. And as evident by my frustration via phone calls, emails, Facebook, Blog and Twitter, it sounded like I needed and wanted and update. They were fearful of responding, DM on twitter, or contacting me without any new information. And the florist was in Hawaii. Six hours behind New York. I’m glad I can be intimidating despite time zones.

I’m appreciative for the sincere apology and their efforts to reconcile a no good, dirty, rotten, very bad situation. I’m going to leave it as is and move on. However, their response to social media, and justification for lack of engagement has gotten me thinking…alot. Let’s say it’s fodder for a future blog post on risk mitigation and good examples of how a company should and could be using social media to turn not so happy people into very happy advocates for your brand.

I’d love to hear your good and not so good experiences that you’ve had over social media. Share them in the comments and your example may just make it into this future blog post!