Day 2: Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right.

The first thing that came to mind for day two of the January Blog-A-Thon was a recent flower snafu. Now, I know what you’re thinking. It wasn’t this one. In fact it was a new one. I know, I know, I know. What the heck is she thinking? But before you judge a gal who tries to do good, hear me out and let me know if you’d do the same thing?


Photo Credit: 1-800-Flowers

My twin and I just turned the big 3-0 this December.  I was going to be with my friends and family basking in the warm-tropical sun, while Yoshi froze her tush off in the great Pacific Northwest. It should also be noted that Yoshi hates all things that bring attention to herself, especially at work, and hates celebrating her birthday with strangers. Mom and I decided to lavish birthday wishes with what better way that a massive bouquet of red and white roses. Fitting for a Christmas Birthday. Considering the recent “I-will-never-forget-how-FTD-Flowers-ruined-my-life” experience, we decided to go with 1-800-Flowers. I mean, there aren’t that many flower delivery companies who’s core competence is flower delivery. And the immediate email confirmation and tracking code was reassuring.  Boy, was I wrong.

24 hours later, I found myself spending my entire birthday afternoon on the phone with UPS. For some reason the slew of florist shops in Bellevue or Seattle or anywhere remotely in Oregon or Washington wouldn’t suffice. The flowers had to come from Nevada which promptly missed it’s connection from Northern California to Seattle. Really?! Flowers can miss a connection? Who knew! And if you think it gets worse, you’re right….

1) UPS call center person tells me that it’s a 1-800-Flowers issue, not theirs. Minor oversight…the flowers are in UPS hands. Duh.

2) I patiently wait on hold for 45 mins. Then continue to be told excuses of why it’s not UPS issue but 1-800-Flowers. I’m tired of the BS.

3) I ask to speak to a manager. I’m told, “I’m sorry we don’t have managers, we have supervisors.” Really? What’s with the attitude? Fine, connect me to a s-u-p-e-r-v-i-s-o-r.

4)  I’m intentionally put on hold because “All supervisors are busy.”

5) Which I promoptly reply with “That’s fine because I have nothing else to do all day and this is obviously getting escalated.”

6) 90 mins pass and I am finally connected to a supervisor who tells me that she can change the delivery address of the flowers from Yoshi’s office to her apartment…..

7) Oh wait. With the holidays, if she wants the flowers before Christmas she needs to pick them up herself. Oh and UPS can’t redirect it to the Seattle Distribution Center. Yoshi will need to drive herself to the Redmond Distribution Center to pick up her own birthday flowers.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

One week later, still no flowers. No phone calls from UPS on the follow-up delivery. I do however receive multiple emails from 1-800-Flowers placing blame on me….apparently the flowers would have made it on time if we hadn’t changed the delivery location.  A reminder of the ultimatium  their shipping vendor gave to me, promotly got me a refund.

I’d like to think that their refund saved them the embarassment and humiliation of what social media can do for a company. Cough. FTD=EpicFail. Cough. And if you’re wondering the outcome of FTD’s massive snafu, you can read it here.

The last two orders were massive snafus (is that even possible?) and we have learned our lesson. Never ever order flowers online. Ever. Both Facebook pages show the frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, with people who trusted these companies for cherished moments in their lives and were let down. There will be no more flower orders from the Ostlie household, or any of our families for the rest of our lives. If I’m giving  you flowers, expect them from Metropolitan Marketplace, Trader Joes or Whole Foods. It will be the freshest bouquet you’ll ever get and you can guarantee it will be on time and it won’t be dead.

One sidenote: 1-800-Flowers gets ‘some’ props for responding to and engaging their customers on Facbeook without an “automated” reply.  It’s genuine, authentic and compassionate. Click on “Page Post by Others” to see the responses from their social media team. FTD Flowers needs to learn a lesson or two or three from 1-800-Flowers Social Media team. The FTD Flowers page lack of engagement and authentic dialog is obvious in comparison. Now 1-800-Flowers  just needs to figure out how to get the flowers to arrive on time.

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Day 3, Tomorrow: Bucket List…….


Because January can be boring. Join us for a January Blog-A-Thon. Post a photo, video, sentence, anything that you want to! And if don’t feel inclined to blog, do come back and see what we’re up to. I can guarantee you’ll be entertained.

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