Imagine if you were a fly on the wall,
in this wonderful Ostlie houseshold.
Life looks like a game of constant pinball;
Back and forth and side to side all in the freezing cold,
I mean, c’mon it is 24 degrees at nightfall.
School, meetings, deadlines and the endless todos
are all but life consuming
Throw in househunting, suddenly counting sheep is very few.
But, the sun is out and light is longer
which means spring is near and so are the horseshoes.
In the meantime, cleaning & scrubbing are on our list
so that we can finally bid these suburbs adieu.

Tired, just tired.

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Each and every night Kyle and I come home from work or house-hunting and are utterly exhausted. In fact, we look like this frenchie…except not nearly as cute and cuddly.

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