This March will mark five years since my car accident that has left me with chronic back pain, neck pain, sciatica and all other compensating pains that come along with one’s body trying to get along with life. Gone are the days of multiple work-outs and awesome rock climbing trips. Back to back spin and swim workouts are no longer. An active life filled with long runs, half-marathons, four hour climbing sessions are of dreams. And the only hot yoga pose I look forward to is savasana.

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My super power would be the ability to live life and do all my favorite activities like rock climbing, running, swimming, spinning, weight lifting and bikram hot yoga all without pain. Life would be full to the brim with backpacking trips, rock climbing trips, and spin sessions. I wouldn’t be the only person in my work area with a tall desk, tall chair and an ergonomic keyboard. My check book would be full of more money versus my calendar full of physical therapy, and acupuncture appointments. I would actually be able to carry things up and down the stairs without depending on Kyle.  I wouldn’t need an ergonomic pillow. And I can sit for hours on a plane without having the utmost desire to drop and do some stretching mid flight. Oh, and I’d be able to do more things like this….

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