Dogs and dresses do not go together.

This past Father’s Day we headed up to my in-laws to celebrate. Aside from the normal festivities it was quite possibly the most embarrassing moment with Kyle’s folks…in my entire life. Naturally, I decided to wear a dress for the occasion especially since I’ve learned my lesson in the past to avoid anything white. The lack of white has to do more with their cute, little pup, Maggie more than anything. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not even five minutes after I arrived, Maggie was sprinting laps around the house and then proceeded to try to climb on top of me. In doing so, she lifted my dress and I flashed both my in-laws. Words cannot even express the embarrassment. #foreverspeechless.

Maggie, the asian version.

Maggie, the asian version.

Don’t let this cute little face fool you. Despite her size, she’s a feisty one that’s for sure. That said, this face is also the reason we are thinking about getting a dog. Not because of any dress flipping, but because the idea of a four-legged companion as cute as she is well, irresistible.


  1. Oh no!!! This is kind of hilarious but I TOTALLY get how embarrassing it must have been! Is it weird of me to ask what kind of underwear you had on? I feel like that is an important detail! 🙂

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