After our 2 1/2 week vacation in Paris, I’ve been craving all things French food. Croissants, coq au vin, wine, baguettes and cheese. We even make sure  on the weekends we have time to pop by our favorite French Bakery, Bakery Nouveau, for pain au chocolat. But alas after eating out three meals a day for 17 days followed by happy hours, dinners out, birthday celebrations, I was in dire need of a cleanse. Honestly, my body was screaming for it.

Evolution Fresh

Evolution Fresh

I’ve been eyeing out the Evolution Fresh juice packs for a while now, but they were so darn expensive. At $33.50/ pack it was really tough for me to explain to Kyle the need to detox especially when most of my food choices have been my own fault. I blame the lovely international holiday especially if it means I get to eat croissants every. single. day. It was either a new Marc Jacobs purse or  a new juicer for $500. And with that, Kyle relented with the 3 day juice cleanse. Other than me not needing another Marc bag, he pointed out that I might actually hate cleansing so why invest in another appliance? Fair enough. It also helped that Evolution Fresh was having a New Year’s Resolution Sale. Can we say, “perfect timing?”

Many friends have been wondering why I bought the juice instead of using our own juicer. What many don’t realize is that juicers are different and that if you have a centrifugal juicer, which is what we have, you can’t keep your juice out for days. In fact you have to drink it right away. Which makes a 3 days cleanse really really really tough. I mean, I’d love to bring all my fruits, veggies, and Breville into the office but then I again, I might get death stares from my colleagues…or somehow relocated to the 4th floor.  When we researched juicers a few years ago we decided to go with a more affordable model than the $500, masticating juicers, because we weren’t even sure if we were going to like it. We fell head over heels in love with juicing but still refused to drop the dough on a new juicer. For years it has served us well and besides we weren’t juicing for days at a time. There wasn’t a need….until now.

Which leads me back to the juice cleanse. Before we even drop more money another kitchen appliance, I wanted to ensure a few things:

1. I would actually like the juice cleanse. Granted “like” is relative for anyone doing it but you get my point.

2. My body would be open to it and not have a massive allergic reaction or completely break down. And in the words of my co-worker, Thad, “Are you tired yet?”

3. I would want to repeat it. I know…call me “crazy.”

4. That it was “affordable.” Granted $100 for 4 days worth of liquid may seem insane to most, it was actually not as expensive as other 3 day cleanses which were up to $200-$300.


Evolution Fresh 4 day juice cleanse

Evolution Fresh 4 day juice cleanse


I ended up buying a 3-day cleanse  on the last day of the sale and got a gift card that I could redeem over the next several months. Besides, I was not going to carry 18 bottles of juice home with me on the bus. Daniel and Thad are great friends, but they don’t love me that much.  When I went to redeem my card, I also found they had a sale on some of their juices and another day’s supply was only going to cost me the price of 3 juices. What the heck. And thus the 3 day cleanse became a 4 day cleanse. So what did it entail?

  • Each day I consumed 6 juices, mostly veggie juices
  • A handful of almonds
  • A handful of carrots, bell peppers, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes with a bit of hummus
  • A lot of water
  • 1 cup of coffee

I really appreciated the Evolution Fresh staff answering all my questions and helping me custom tailor my juice packs to what I wanted to accomplish: a full detox. He also recommended that I add some almonds and a salad since I’m active to ensure I was getting enough calories and nutrients along with my supplements. Bonus points was not only getting to talk to someone in the flesh but also being able to sample some of the flavors I hadn’t tried before.

Honestly, I felt great the entire time. I wasn’t tired but rather had more energy and ability to focus at work. And I could still work out, even getting two workouts on some days; cardio in the morning and Pure Barre in the evenings.

Also, I’m inspired to try new recipes. We typically get into a rut of the same one or two recipes and end up loathing carrots- celery-apples- cilantro after a month. All of the Evolution Fresh combinations are delicious and want to try making them myself! Now, I just need to decide on that Marc Jacobs bag or the Hurom Slow Juicer….

Want to juice but not sure what type of juicer to invest in? Here’s a great comparison William Sonoma did on three different types of juicers. 

Have a favorite juice recipe? Share it here!