It’s been eight months since the last post and I blame Kyle’s insane schedule this past year, and his need to hog my beloved Mac Book Pro to complete his Accreditation and Professional Certification. But that would only be a partial lie because if I was truly honest, I didn’t have anything to post. Writing should never be out of obligation, but rather the creativity, inspiration, and motivation; all which was not there, until now.

This new series that I’m working on will be ongoing, free-flowing, and unstructured all around the themes of food, being a tourist in our own city, and spending quality time with the ones we love. I call it “Date Night Out: Seattle Style.”

Seattle Skyline. Photo Credit:

Seattle Skyline. Photo Credit:

My recent obsession with food goes back about 18 months ago. I’ve tried to pinpoint an exact date but it probably has been a movement in the making for a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved food. Ask my friends and family here in Seattle and Hawaii and they’ll not only talk about my love for food but also my love for cooking and baking. My husband likes to joke that growing up in Hawaii, a love for food is a requirement. But, the history, details, where food comes from, exotic-ness, all these things and more were taken for granted. It just wasn’t on my radar.  But our trip to Paris is what did me in; at least I like to think so. It is the city where I’ve fallen in love with food and am now willing to try things like rabbit pate and beef tartare.

Fast forward 18 months and we’ve watched several cooking shows like Chef’s Table, Spinning Plates, The Mind of a Chef, Ted Talks: Food, Bordeaux, and the list goes on. I’ve read through a slew of cookbooks, the history of recipes, and the delicate pairings of ingredients. How a chef thinks, the source of their creativity, desire to create an experience for a customer, what drives and motivates them, and their overall passion for food blew me away. Call me stupid, but I had no idea the level of passion and dedication these people have. I mean we always kept an eye out for the quality of food, sourcing great local ingredients, but this other “stuff” hadn’t even crossed my mind.

I’m really looking forward to this series especially since we’ve decided to spend the summer in the PNW and just explore our own backyard. I’m also grateful that Kyle shares this new found passion with me because let’s just be honest, being adventurous with your best friend is the best. Starting this summer I’ll be sharing our visits to great local eateries, cafes, bars, cooking classes, etc with you. And this adventure doesn’t won’t this summer or with just eating out. I’m hoping to share some new and exciting recipes that are different that what I’ve normally shared on this blog in the past. I hope you’ll be inspired to be a tourist in your own town, but also to try some things you normally wouldn’t have even thought of.