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Food truck turned restaurant, Skillet, is a local favorite here in Seattle. We have been wanting to visit this place for some time but just haven’t made it until this summer. They have locations in Ballard, Capitol Hill, and a counter at the Seattle Center.



Drinks come in really cute mason jars


It’s a casual joint with a retro throwback design that we love. The Ballard location is a super airy, wide open space with an awesome outdoor patio. We had arrived just in time for happy hour and had the place to ourselves. Literally, we were the only people there which meant the customer service was awesome. We ordered their Best Friend (Poutine), Chick-on-a-Stick (fried chicken), kale salad, burger, house made buffalo chicharrones, and cheesecake in a jar, and pannacotta.  Basically we ordered their entire happy hour menu and the pannacotta since the cheesecake had raspberries.

Poutine, Fried Chicken, and

Poutine, Fried Chicken, and their Burger



Seasonal cheesecake in a jar


Pannacotta with homemade biscotti

Pannacotta with homemade biscotti


The atmosphere and service is awesome, but we were a bit surprised by all the hype. Perhaps it was the exuberance from friends and reviews that set the bar high, but I would be lying if I said we weren’t disappointed. The kale salad, fried chicken and poutine were the best things we ordered and those were just okay. If you did come here we’d recommend these items.

Unfortunately, the burger was dry with no condiments other than ketchup. The house made buffalo chicharrones were greasy, but it did come with this delicious blue cheese sauce that Kyle ended up scraping off and adding it to his burger. The buffalo chicharrones are huge! If you do want to get these, plan to do so with a large group of friends. There is only so much fried fat (literally) one can eat. And the desserts were okay. The biscotti was far to dry with no flavor other than the caramel sauce and the Kyle wasn’t a fan of the cheesecake.

We’re glad we experienced Skillet, but don’t plan on coming back on our own accord, especially after paying $60 for so-so food.

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Bon Appetit