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10 reasons why you need to visit Jordan

Many assume that because Jordan is in the Middle East it's unsafe, but that could be further from the truth. Jordan is a safe and beautiful country, as is it's people, and their food delicious. Don't fault them for their location, they didn't choose it. Unfortunately for them, all their bordering countries are in chaos, and that's putting it lightly. So if you are considering a visit or 'not quite sure', here's 10 reasons why you need to visit.

10. You can easily visit this country in one week. Don't believe me? You can drive from the north to the south in five hours.

9. Book a day trip to visit Wadi Rum, riding in the back of trucks with the wind (and sand) blowing through your hair, to visit where Lawrence of Arabia sought shelter, movies made (it really does look like Mars), and a few other once in a lifetime experiences.

8. While in the Wadi Rum, spend the night with Bedouins, learning their culture, star gazing under the clearest of skies, and eating a delicious meal cooked via underground that has been a tradition for centuries.

7. You don't need a car. Hiring a private driver for the week is more affordable than you think, and you get a mini-tour guide on your own schedule. We highly recommend Othman; he and his team are professional, courteous, accomodating, and very kind. Book via email at

6. The Dead Sea is just as beautiful and salty as they tell you. Book reservations at a family resort and avoid putting your face in the water, it will burn and hurt like crazy. That said, it's the only place you can float without effort. For me, this is a miracle unto itself.

5. Mount Nebo is a religious pilgrimage with a beautiful view of the country. Story has it being the last place that Moses was last seen before he went to be with God. Just before Mount Nebo is a town called Mataba, famous for it's tile work. Churches used tile mosaics instead of paint or stained glass to capture and tell its history. It's stunning and something you really must see first-hand.

4. Regardless of your faith or religion, visit the Jordan River; this is where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. You can even get baptized in the river, just be sure to stick to the Jordan side or you will be yelled at by the guards. Due to this close proximity to Israel, you'll see border patrol and military guards with guns, barbed wire fences. That said, you will still feel safe as nothing noteworthy will happen between these two neighboring countries.

3. It's crazy to be in the Middle East and to see beautiful Roman Columns and a huge Colliseum smack dab in the center of Amman. The views are stunning and the history unbelievable. Definitely worth a quick tour while you're in the city!

2. Visit Petra by day and Petra by night. Buy your tickets for a 2 day pass and check out the path to Petra for the night tour (separate ticket that you can purchase at your hotel front desk) that evening. Day 1: Arrive at Petra by 2-3pm and do a quick tour of the main sights. Crowds thin out by 5pm even though the park closes at 7pm. Day 2: Wake up early the next morning before the sun rises to hike up to The Monastery as it gets brutally hot by 10am.

1. The food. I can't say enough about the food in Jordan. Everything is delicious, fresh, and amazing. I could eat arabic food every single day. Want to learn how to make it at home? Sign up for cooking classes at the famous Beit Setti in Amman. It's a family run cooking school out of their grandmothers home. Each class ends with making delicious dishes that you get to eat together, family style.


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