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A foodie weekend in Portland

My best friend and her family live in Portland and it's always a great excuse to head down for the weekend. In three hours time, it's a family reunion compromised of puppy snuggles, nerf gun fights, and stuffing our faces with delicious food. Here's a few new spots as well as a tried and true favorite that we'd love to share with you.

Cafe Broder | Our favorite, new brunch spot transports us back to Scandinavia. They are known for their Danish Pancakes, strong coffee, and pork belly hash among everything else on their menu. May we suggest getting there by opening for their first seating. Can't roll out of bed to make the 7am opening? Don't worry. Get there by 8:45am for a second seating at 9am. Unfortunately they don't take reservations as it's a first come, first serve. Anything after 9, plan to wait a while.

Pine State Biscuits | You can't go wrong with anything from this famous biscuit shop, but we'd recommend you get a biscuit. After all, it is what they are known for. Fresh, handmade, all from scratch, deliciousness. Standing in line alone will make you drool. First time here? We recommend The Reggie. And yes, those are fries in the background. No judgements, please.

The American Local | A fun joint in the Richmond neighborhood that is known for their BBQ meat skewers, but even more for their grilled, seasonal vegetables. You know the chef is onto something when adults and children alike keep ordering the veggie dishes. And you know you have the magic touch when 7 and 10 year olds ask for more roasted brussel sprouts, beg for carrots, and eat the bowl of beets by themselves.

Portland has a great foodie scene that is innovative, creative, and affordable. We highly recommend trying new places as well as visiting your tried and true favorites. You can never go wrong.


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