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A Moroccan Feast @ The Pantry

If you're in Seattle, you may have heard of The Pantry. And if you're my friend, family member, or coworker, you've also heard of this local community kitchen because I talk about them all the time. Kyle and I are obsessed with these folks; they're the kindest, sweetest, and smartest in the food industry. Through this community kitchen, we've learned to not be intimidated by food, homemade pasta is a regular in our household, and to appreciate the effort that goes into things we love like ramen, pho, and croissants.

Quick non-sponsored plug: The Pantry is a community kitchen that does cooking classes, culinary camp for kids, food swaps, cookbook potluck suppers, and five-course family style dinners. The latter is where we joined a few of our faves for an evening of delicious Moroccon food and equally amazing wine pairings.

Unlike the cooking classes, these community dinners are five courses with wine pairings, where you're wined and dined by some of the city's finest. Be sure to get here a few minutes early to get settled, enjoy a glass or two of champagne. Unfortunately I missed photos of the appetizers as I was too busy stuffing my face, drinking delicious bubbly, and giving hugs to our fave instructors-chefs.

Whole-roasted cauliflower with saffron butter and golden raisens.

Green olive salsa verde and roasted pine nuts.

Slow-cooked duck legs with red chermoula and spiced duck crackling gremolata

Braised chickpeas with argula

Gem lettuce salad with citrus, feta, and pumpkin seeds

Fresh herbs and tamarind date vinaigrette

Warm dates with honey sesame ice cream

Almond cake and cinnamon-spiced caramel

L to R: Kim (our very first Pantry instructor and master of pasta and Middle Eastern food), Jackie, and Michelle (ramen and pho master and mom of the cutest little babe). We're biased, but these ladies are freaking rockstars. If you can get a class with these ladies you're in GREAT hands!

I can't recommend these monthly community dinners. You'll catch up with folks you've taken classes with as well as make new friends. Even better is having professional chefs spoiling you for an evening of some of the best food you've ever tasted.

TIP | These dinners are offered once a month and if you can't get a seat when they dinners are published on their calendar, be sure to sign up on the waitlist! That's how we lucked out on this recent feast.

TIP | Sign up for The Pantry newsletters. You'll be the first to know when dinners are and quarterly cooking classes are released. Note: both cooking classes and dinners typically book out 30 mins after the release.

TIP | Dinners are released quarterly, but at different times from when the cooking classes are released. Sign up for their newsletter and you won't miss a thing!

Did you get the tip? Sign up for their newsletter!


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