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Best stylish and comfortable shoes for travel: Women's Edition

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

If you're like me, trying to find shoes for a trip is like trying on swimsuits or jeans. I despise it. After nearly a decade of foot pain, blisters, god-awful looking shoes for the sake of comfort, and then beautiful but painful shoes for the sake of fashion I believe I have found the holy grail of stylish, trendy, and comfortable shoes for all your travel needs.

The only caveat to any shoe purchase it that it has to serve multiple purposes. This approach supports my minimalist view to fashion. Consider this general tip: Invest in quality made items now will save you time and money in the long run.

Oxfords you can walk miles in: AGL Double Sole Oxford

A few years ago I had started a new job that required me to travel to San Francisco every other week for work. My promotion also required me to dress the part. After hunting for the perfect, comfortable pair of black shoes the night before my first trip, I stumbled upon these shoes at Nordstrom. I immediately fell in love with the shoe and the AGL brand. These are my go-to work shoes that I live and breathe in throughout the year and have taken them on multiple trips to Europe. It goes with a suit, a dress, jeans and shorts. AGL has variations of the Oxford every season and you can't go wrong with any of the choices. They are all gorgeous, comfortable, and worth the investment.

Heels you can walk miles in: AGL Sandals with Heel

Made in Italy, AGL is know for high quality shoes with a fun approach to design and fashion. I'm not lying when I say that AGL is my favorite shoe brand and I live and die by their shoes. Those who know me know that I haven't been able to wear heels for over a decade; it's a long story. However, these are the first heels that I've been able to wear. I even walked throughout Lyon, France for two hours in these heels without any pain, blisters, or issues. Can you say god-send?

The Boot: AGL Chelsea Boot

As you can tell, I'm a die-hard AGL gal and these beautiful boots says it all. I wear these throughout the fall, winter, and spring where it's raining mostly year-round and tempratures hover at a cool 45-50 degrees. It took me a while to find some Chelsea boots that looked great on a 5'4" frame and didn't cut me off in jeans or dresses, and also that was dressy enough for work. These boots ticked all the boxes on my list!

European sneaker chic Part 1: Ecco 'Soft 7' High Top Sneaker

Want to know a secret? I actually got these shoes for work with the sole (get it, "sole"?!) intention to use it for my travels too. Not only are they stylish, trendy, easy to clean, but I can attest that they are best shoes if you need to run to catch a bus, train, or subway. Not that I have any experience with that whatsoever.

European sneaker chic Part 2: Ecco 'Soft 7' Cap Toe Sneaker

These are just as stylish as its high-top sister, above. I have both in black and can't say enough how much I love them both. Just like the high-tops, these are trendy and comfy right out of the box. Extra bonus points? They're alot easier to get on and off.

These boots are smooth like butta' the first time you wear they. Dare I say they feel like UGGS, but with ankle and arch support. No need to break them in. These boots were my go-to traveling throughout New Zealand for three weeks, and I definitely bought them two days before I left. I barely took them off on the trip and often mistook them for my sneakers. Yes, they are that comfy.



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