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Homer: Best Middle Eastern Food in Seattle

Tucked around a corner and across from a gas station in Beacon Hill sits Homer, the best place to find Middle Eastern food in Seattle. The food is delicious, the service immpecable, and ambiance typical PNW. But don't take it from me, because these folks have already done so. Read this, this, this, and this.

Here's a few recos as you plan a trip for your tastebuds.

Tip #1: Get there early and stand in line

Homer doesn't take reservations (unless you have a party of 8 or more). To ensure you get a table as soon as they open get there at least 20 mins early. You won't be alone, trust me. Everyone is sitting in their cars watching for the first person to saunter their way to Homer's entrance. Whether or not you're the instigator, the moment that first person stands in land, everyone else will fall in line after you.

Tip #2: Go with friends

It's served family style, so dining here is best when done where you can share and try a bit of everything. You'll also want to order everything, because seriously Logan Cox can do no wrong.

Tip #3: Get all the spreads

This is by far my favorite part of the menu. Get all the spreads, including the lamb ragu on tahini. Ya'll end up fighting over the raminkins to lick every last drop of deliciousness before the servers try to clear the table.

Tip #4: Save room for dessert

They are famously known for their soft serve, which they rotate out flavours on a monthly basis. My favorite combination was Winter Pine and Cranberry Ginger; it tasted like Christmas. Can't get a table? Don't fret. They serve drinks and soft-serve at their walk-up window.

Bon Appetit!


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